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ColdFusion MX Coding Guidelines - Contents

Release 3.0.2 (10/17/2003)


These Coding Guidelines are structured as follows:


This document provides guidelines for developing ColdFusion MX applications within Macromedia's Web Technology Group. The rules and guidelines given here are intended to apply to CFMX 6.1 specifically and may not be appropriate for earlier versions (including CFMX 6.0). It is a living document, growing over time, incorporating feedback from Web Technology Group developers and, sometimes, the larger ColdFusion community, as the guidelines are 'proved' in our live environment.

The first public release of this document (2.0) was made in Summer 2002. Since then, the Web Technology Group has launched the all-new macromedia.com website, powered by ColdFusion MX. This release (3.0) takes advantage of that experience and the changes in ColdFusion Components introduced by CFMX 6.1 a.k.a "Red Sky".

Although this document is published as-is for the ColdFusion community, Macromedia's Web Technology Group own the document and decide what goes into it. You may, however, take a copy of this document and modify it as you see fit to create your own coding guidelines as long as you acknowledge this original document.


The following conventions are used in this document:

[TBD: some comment in blue]
This indicates an issue which needs discussion and agreement within WTG.
Some comment crossed out in gray
This is a Macromedia-specific issue which can be ignored outside Macromedia. In the internal document, none of these will be highlighted (because the style sheet is different!).

Base Document

These guidelines were originally based on the Spectra Team Coding Standards by Mike Andler and Tom Lane, 12/14/2000.

Source: http://livedocs.macromedia.com/wtg/public/coding_standards/contents.html

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