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MDCFUG Meeting Suggestions
Previous suggestions (from newest to oldest):
  • sorry nothing about integration am stuck at following right now: I am sending email through cfmail.. my outgoing mailserver requires authentication. now what should I do now.. Pls advise as there is no other way of defining username and password in the cfmail tag so that it can accept and send email hop to receive an early response by email at @ : [email protected]
  • I just tried to unsubscribe from your email list while I'm on vacation. I got an error on the page so I don't believe the unsubscribe was successful. Please unsubscribe me from the mail list. I can subscribe again when I return. Thank you, [email protected]
  • Java integration, performance benefits, CFC.
  • Hi!!! I am an Advanced Coldfusion Developer and I am very interesrted in the presentation about "CF and .NET" by Geoff Snowman of Microsoft. I would like to know if you will publish this presentation on your site, otherwise, can you send it to my email? I thank you in advance, Jorge Servin, [email protected]
  • A resource you may find interesting: http://cfeclipse.tigris.org - A ColdFusion coding plugin for the Eclipse IDE.
  • Java integration, performance benefits, CFC.
  • hmmm, I can't seem to find a way to update my profile info (I've changed phone#)... seems like a natural site enhancement. Also, this suggestion list seems like a good place to put a small forums app; there are questions asked that others could benefit from your answers (or at least modify the post to add the answer or a link to one??).
  • I've found some of your exmaples very helpful, especially the one on Verity. I've published a "Getting started with Fusebox 3" course at http://www.benefit-from-it.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=FB3Tut01. I'd be honoured if MDCFUG would link to it.
  • Hello, I have a quick link suggestion for your web site: Dataride - Cold Fusion MX Web Site Hosting http://www.dataride.com/ Offers reliable Cold Fusion MX and Windows Web Site Hosting for businesses interested in database driven web sites using CF, ASP, and ASP.NET. Thanks for your consideration.
  • I know you are a die-hard CF user group, do you think you can also tag along a Flash user group? I could not find a Flash user group in Rockville area.
  • I am trying to register for your upcoming .Net Seminar (Intro to .Net - May 13th 2003) on the web, and cannot find the appropriate links to Sign-up.
  • I'm a .Net evangelist with Microsoft's Mid-Atlantic District, based in Washington, DC. I was looking at the MDCFUG web site, and I wondered if your members would be interested in a presentation that is an introduction to Microsoft's .Net strategy. If you would find this interesting, let me know, I would enjoy working with you to deliver it.
  • can any one please help out why coldfusion is better than asp and jsp in developing a website
  • Using SQL Server stored procedures from CF
  • Your link to http://www.cfug-md.org/Articles/RequestVariables.cfm seems broken
  • User Defined Functions - how to use and tips and tricks
  • Let's ask our members for their uses of the application.cfm file. Instead of a speaker, the entire group could contribute with their ideas of good use and bad use of the application.cfm file. It might be different and fun.
  • This is not exactly a suggestion. I need your help to find Steve Nelson , from SecretAgents.com , regarding a Fusebox book he wrote. I bought a book at his website and didn't receive the book , neither they anwer my e-mails , neither their phone is working. PLEASE HELP
  • -Practical Applications of COM Ever use the CFOBJECT tag? We detail how you can communicate with MS Office (and other applications) through OLE automation.
  • round table style discussion on “idea sharing and collaboration”. Our UG is small enough to facilitate this type of forum so taking advantage of such a great pool of knowledge and experience from around the area sounded like a good idea. Books and articles have been written, presentations made, and standards handed down from on high, on the concepts of collaboration and teamwork/idea sharing. However we think the best input comes from developers, developers like us, out in the trenches, succeeding and (hopefully not often) failing based on their approaches to teamwork and collaboration both in team environments and as consultants in a client environment. What works? What doesn’t? Here’s your chance to tell the world, or at least a group of fellow professionals. Believe it or not collaboration and idea sharing is a foreign concept to some. Maybe we can help open some eyes. Here are some sample items we might want to talk about: ·Weekly meetings, with project status reports ·Project meetings ·Workflow tools (Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, etc..) ·Extreme programming (catching on more and more) ·Mentoring ·Brainstorming sessions ·Assigning different team members to manage different projects ·Etc… These are just a few quick thoughts that we could cover, please bring any others you’d like to discuss, all ideas are welcome (assuming of course they relate to collaboration and idea sharing).
  • i have some doubts regarding coldfusion. who will return an answer to this question? does the count or recordcount will execute faster? if there are lot of records then which will give a better result?
  • A new CFM engine in the horizon? Please see www.tagservlet.com, they have a CFM engine which is written in Java, runs on top of Apache, and JServ. Still under development, but I think pretty impressive.
  • guys, did you realize that there is no link to the annapolis cfug from your site (including the list of user groups, thr front page, and links pages)?
  • Netscape vs IE - what browser should we code for?
  • Maintaining state within an application
  • Creating and using custom tags
  • Securing applications
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Using arrays
  • MY Cold Fusion server is taking up 98% of my cpu processes. If have any suggestions on how to fix please email me A.S.A.P. I will be perpetually grateful. thanks
  • Programming with Allaire spectra, especially regarding organinzing the whole website. Also want to know the resources to gather info on programming with spectra as a whole.
  • Whether thru JRun or any other compiler-type option, what is the present and future of running CF code on any server: standards, vendor support, CF developer support, scalability, pluses/minuses, war stories, etc.
  • LDAP knowledge
  • Discuss any current problems/challenges you're having. We'll brainstorm and maybe give you some ideas on how to resolve your issues.
  • What is involved in setting up a CF Server to co-locate? What is the cost of all hardware/software needed? How do you separate the database server on a non-routable private network for speed and security purposes?
  • Details of how ColdFusion processes a page: how are includes/modules and CFIF/CFSWITCH processed differently, which functions are processed faster and why, which process slower and why, pros and cons of processing FuseBox syntax.
  • CF and Linux
  • How to use the NT performance monitor and SNMP monitoring tools to check the current health of a Cold Fusion Server.
  • Using CF & IIS Logs, Performance Monitor, and CF coding tricks using CF's new GetMetricData() function to Tune CF Apps of all sizes.
  • How about a meeting showing how Cold Fusion can be used with Oracle. I hear it is more complex than using Cold Fusion with SQL Server.
  • Would like to hear more about credit card transactions, XML and Java implementation on CFAPP Server.
  • How to design, setup, and manage Verity collections; how to create an effective user interface; and how to integrate document and database searches.
  • Details on encrypting CF applications, caveats to watch out for, and opinions on just how secure ColdFusion encryption really is.
  • Best practices by a CF hosting company. Possibly Security Sandbox discussion.
  • I'd like to learn how to build wizards to make repetitive coding tasks go faster.
  • I'd like to see some of the useful things you can do with CFMAIL, and how you configure CFMAIL in CF.
  • How do you setup ColdFusion Studio to best use the Projects feature, and how do you setup the link with source code control so a team of developers can effectively use it?
  • Remote Development Servers: I keep hearing about RDS, but I don't know how to use it, and the documentation is spotty. Can someone talk about RDS?
  • I'd like to hear more about how I can use bitmask techniques to make my applications faster and more configurable.
  • What are the advantages of using CFSCRIPT as opposed to plain CFML? Where does it make most sense to use CFSCRIPT, and are there any performance benefits?
  • Please discuss debugging. I would like to know how to setup the debugger using localhost setting and RDS settings. Finally, it would be awesome to watch somebody actually use the debugger.
  • More Basics: I would like to cover the basics of Cold Fusion better than we currently are.
  • How do you implement an LDAP server and incorporate it into your application security?
  • ColdFusion and Java marriage: With the aquisition of Live, what impact will Java now have on CF. What's CFX_J and how can I use it?
  • Storing and retrieving encrypted data: I have a need to securely store encrypted data (like credit card numbers for recurring billings) in a database, but I'm concerned about hacking. How do you do this?
  • Regular Expressions: How about a topic on this? How is it useful, and can I use it to do what I need better and faster than how I'm doing now?
  • Advanced Security Model: Lot's of code examples and real-world uses.
  • Structured Error Handling: Discussion and workshop on CFTRY/CFCATCH/CFTHROW, and how to appropriately process the results.
  • Scalable application design: Basic design methods to ensure you are building a scalable and "doable" design for you app. To try and avoid the 2 months down the road when you say "uh-oh".
  • I'd like to see more about custom tag development, both CF_ and CFX_ tags.
  • Show real apps in production today
  • CF undocumented features
  • More specific topics
  • Any one feature of ColdFusion in detail
  • ColdFusion vs ASP (2 people from different companies)
  • Can you provide code example to show how to use CF to execuate a XLS's macro on the server!! Thank you very much
  • Verity! Verity! Verity! And does anyone know what happened to: http://www.cfug-md.org/articles/introcf-5-Verity.cfm
  • How to set up: -ColdFusion administrator -Windows NT Security -IIS
  • How to do remote development with ColdFusion Studio
  • Techniques --- How to reuse formsCustom TagsFusebox methodologySession and Client VariablesWorking with listsFuseML

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