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   Michael Smith


Selling ColdFusion to Clients

What strategies do you use for selling the ColdFusion platform to clients? Particularly when there are multiple possible platforms in the running. This is a topic that is often discussed on the various CF lists. I will compare various platforms and discuss where CF "sits". We will look at how RAD (Rapid Application Development) helps and hinders. Combating the "PHP is Free" or "ASP is Free" argument. How can Java developers look at ColdFusion in a positive light? Different ways to talk about ColdFusion depending on your audience.

Michael Smith runs the Maryland ColdFusion User Group and organized ten successful national CF events including CFUNITED with 900 attendees in the Washington DC area. Michael is president and founder of TeraTech http://www.teratech.com/, a 20-year-old Rockville, Maryland based consulting company that specializes in ColdFusion, Flex and Database software development. TeraTech won the CFDJ award for best consulting company five years in a row. Michael has been programming for over 25 years and has been coding in ColdFusion since version 1.5. He teaches classes in ColdFusion and Fusebox nationwide. He has an MA in Math from Cambridge University, England. Michael has been on the Board of Byte Back, a non-profit organization that provides computer training for unemployed and under-employed inner city residents.

Michael Smith can be reached at michael (at) teratech.com.

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