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BlueDragon 7.0 new features

BlueDragon 7.0: New Possibilities for CFML Applications
New Atlanta Communication's BlueDragon 7.0 CFML application server contains many useful new language features that open new possibilities for CFML applications. In this presentation, Josh Adams will describe and demonstrate some of these features including:

* CFTHREAD and its associated tags
* CFC interfaces and abstract CFCs
* NULL value and the IsNull() function
* CACHEDUNTILCHANGE attribute of the CFQUERY tag

BlueDragon is the CFML application server platform from New Atlanta Communications. Available in a standalone version as well as a version for the Microsoft .NET framework and a version for J2EE application servers, BlueDragon lets you deploy your CFML applications almost anywhere! Please see http://www.newatlanta.com/bluedragon for more information and to download a copy of BlueDragon.

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