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September News:
    [next MDCFUG meeting is 10/10/00, Developing Applications with ColdFusion and Fusebox is 10/16-20/00 in Tampa, Florida]

1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
2. New CF Unix List
3. ColdFusion / WAP mailing lists 
5. Brainjar - js and DHTML resource
6. CF_Custom Tag Generator
7. Ten Tips to a Great Web Page
8. CF_Underground announced 5/5/00
9. Confs full up

- Michael Smith, TeraTech http://www.cfconf.org/
                               MDCFUG http://www.cfug-md.org/

1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
Over 70 CFers joined the new MDCFUG list in the first day! The
listserve for all members to share CF questions and answers. To 
join go to 

Once you have joined you will be able to post questions to the list. 

2. New CF Unix List
There is a new CF-Unix listserv for those folks who are running the
Linux/Solaris/HPUX variants of our favorite Application server.  

It's fully archived so the knowledge can be accessed at a later date 
by other folks.  Just a place to discuss unix specific issues and find 
some fellow mindshare.  One of the first things I'll be prepping for 
this list is an open-source CFX_QMAIL for Solaris to pipe directly to 
Qmail and bypass the CFMAIL queue/etc.

mailto:[email protected]
- Brian Ghidinelli 

Not sure if you know but ....there is a cf-linux mailing list already 
[email protected]

There are quiet a few of the Linux guys from allaire on it too.


3. ColdFusion / WAP mailing lists 
I just started a mailing list for CF/WAP people.
If you are developing WAP applications, please join us.

To subsribe, send a blank message to:

[email protected]

Thanks and see you there,
         Laszlo Nadai 

ColdFusion Studio is full of all sorts of useful 
shortcuts. Many keyboard shortcuts are listed in the Customize
dialog box. One of them involves pressing 
Ctrl-Shift-M to insert start and end HTML comment tags. By default, 
there is no shortcut for inserting a ColdFusion comment. 
Seems odd, being that any ColdFusion developer probably 
makes use of ColdFusion comments more often than HTML

Nevertheless, you can easily assign a keyboard 
shortcut to automatically insert ColdFusion comment tags. To 
do so, select Options, Customize, and then click the
Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Scroll down a bit until you 
find the ColdFusion Comment entry. Select it, place your mouse 
in the shortcut text box, and assign a key combination. 
You can reuse Ctrl-Shift-M to change that shortcut from 
HTML Comment to ColdFusion Comment, or you can choose one
not already in use, such as Ctrl-Shift-G. Now you'll 
be ready to insert ColdFusion comments the easy way! 

--Dave Notik from CF Tipworld
or mailto:[email protected]

5. Brainjar - js and DHTML resource
Brainjar is a cool site for Javascript and DHTML.


If you're new to JavaScript, or just want
to pick up some tips, take a look at the tutorial
which includes several examples. You can
also find some stand alone examples ranging
from simple to scary.


A short overview of the elements that make
up Dynamic HTML, a library of JavaScript
functions for adding DHTML to a web page
and plenty of cool examples.

6. CF_Custom Tag Generator
Ever wanted your custom tags to have that cool right click edit 
parameter and help? Can do with VTM extensions to CF studio but they 
suck to
write to complex syntax and little help! Now can create free on the 
web at CF_Custom Tag Generator 

The CF_Custom Tag Generator is a web driven replacement for the custom 
tag wizard that can be found in Cold Fusion Studio's wizard
templates. The url 
to connect directly to the wizard is 
http://www.netwebapps.com/mytags/index.cfm . There is a link to it 
from the kcfusion site above. 
I made this tool for myself because I write a lot of components for 
other developers and the fastest way to bring them up to productivity 
with a
custom tool, is to provide 
them with a tag editor that contains a help file. There are some added 
features in the web version of this tool. 
1. Choose CF_, CFX_ or no prefix for you custom tag dialogue editor. 
2. Create the same custom tag template as CF Studio's wizard does. 
3. Create a tag editor for your custom tag. 
4. Choose what control types are associated with each attribute value 
5. Enable content body editing for tags that have child or end tags. 
6. Zip's templates, editor's and readme instructions into an email 
attachment sent to you by the application. 
NOTE: you will need to use Internet Explorer 5 or higher, due to some 
xml and component technology used in the application. 
I hope you all get as much use out of it as I had fun building it. It 
would be nice if you could pass on the information to your users, I'll 
leave that to
your discretion. 
If you have suggestion or bug reports, send them to 
[email protected]. 
 Bryan LaPlante 

7. Ten Tips to a Great Web Page
by Jennifer Kyrnin in her About.com HTML guide

There aren't any magic pills to create a great Web page that everyone 
will visit again and again, but if you follow these ten tips your site 
will be more popular and easier for people to read. 

1.Know your audience. 
2.Keep your pages short. 
3.Use tables of contents. 
4.Keep images small. 
5.Use Web colors. 
6.Avoid lots of text. 
7.Check your spelling. 
8.Keep links current. 
9.Annotate your links. 
10.Put contact information on your pages. 

8. CF_Underground announced
CF Community Leaders Announce CF_Underground Pre-Game Show Before the
Allaire Conference

Get ready for fun and excitement--ColdFusion style--courtesy of 
TeraTech, Fusion Authority and CFTipsPlus! The three CF community 
leaders announced today a mini-event, called the CF_Underground, to be 
run the day before the Allaire Conference in November. Games, CF 
events and fun networking will be the focus of this four-hour 
extravaganza, to run from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Sunday, November 5, at a 
location near the Conference hotel to be announced soon.

"The idea is to get together as a community, but most of all, to have 
fun," said Judith Dinowitz, editor of Fusion Authority. "It's like a 
big, warmup party before the bigger one. Like the pre-game show at the 
NFL Superbowl." She promises that this "break-the-ice" event will have 
no serious "break your head" ColdFusion lectures, but that people will 
find themselves learning something about the language through events 
like the CF gameshow that is being planned for the Underground.

To find out more, visit the TeraTech site

9. Conf fill up
Both CF101 and the Fusebox conf are full up. If you are one of the 
lucky attendees see you there!

PS Thanks to all the MDCFUG members who are helping with this event!! 

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