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October News:
    [next MDCFUG meeting is 11/14/00, CF Scale is 11/4/00, CF Underground is 11/5/00]

1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
2. CF_Underground Sun 11/5/00
3. CFUG Survey
4. CF_scale Sat 11/4/00

- Michael Smith, TeraTech http://www.cfconf.org/
                               MDCFUG http://www.cfug-md.org/

1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
Over 134 CFers are on the new MDCFUG list! The
listserve for all members to share CF questions and answers. To 
join go to 

Once you have joined you will be able to post questions to the list. 

2. CF_Underground announced
Sunday, November 5th, 2000 11am - 5pm in bar near Allaire Dev Con in 
Wash DC Adams Morgan area.

* Michael Smith on "Why CF is so successful" 
* CF Charades: Two teams act out a CF tags in mime. Funny and   
educational too. 
* Michael Dinowitz on "How we can become better CF programmers" 
* CF experts panel - answer your CF questions. 
* Hal Helms on "How to solve the CF programmer shortage: The Business
Case for Fusebox" 
* Leon Chalnick "Where are we going: User Group Survey" 
* CF Brain Trust -- where you help answer important CF questions of 
the day. We will pose 3 or 4 questions, split the audience into groups 
to answer these questions. Groups split up, come up with answers. Come 
back and we see what they came up with. Will be lots of fun. 
* CF new book about the different CF books coming out 
* Steve Nelson CF_Beer glasses 

Registration fee $10.

"The idea is to get together as a community, but most of all, to have 
fun," said Judith Dinowitz, editor of Fusion Authority. "It's like a 
big, warmup party before the bigger one. Like the pre-game show at the 
NFL Superbowl." She promises that this "break-the-ice" event will have 
no serious "break your head" ColdFusion lectures, but that people will 
find themselves learning something about the language through events 
like the CF gameshow that is being planned for the Underground.

To find out more, visit the TeraTech site

3. CFUG Survey
Take the SCCFUG Survey: "Where are we going: User Group Survey" 
       If you have not taken the survey and would like to, go here.

4. CF_Scale
Learn how to optimize and scale your CF apps from the Pros. Both Doug 
and Robi have write sites that have successfully scaled to millions of 
hits per day and will be sharing practical tips and tricks on what you 
can do to your site to improve both performance today and scaling in 
the future...

Saturday, November 4, 2000 
Time: 12pm - 10pm
Location: Dave and Busters in Whiteflint Mall, 3rd floor, Bethesda, MD
Topics: What Does Scalability Mean?, Examples of Scalability, Getting 
Started, etc 
Speakers: Doug Nottage Autobytel, Robi Sen Granularity
Cost: $99.00
This is to cover the lectures on ColdFusion Scalability and related 
topics from 12pm - 5pm and food, fun and drinks from 5pm - 10pm. In 
case you don't know Dave and Busters has pool, bars and arcade games 
and even foosball!

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