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November News:
    [next MDCFUG meeting is 12/12/00]

1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
2. Fusebox books are out
3. Database Design for ColdFusion Developers seminar in Florida Friday 12/1/00 or Sat 12/2/00.

- Michael Smith, TeraTech http://www.cfconf.org/
                               MDCFUG http://www.cfug-md.org/
1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
There are 185 CFers are on the new MDCFUG list! The
listserve for all members to share CF questions and answers. To 
join go to 

Once you have joined you will be able to post questions to the list. 

2. Fusebox books are out
The new fusebox book by Steve Nelson and Craig Girard is out and we 
will have copies for sale at $29.95 plus sales tax. The book is not 
available at stores or Amazon yet, so be the first on your block to 
get a copy! We will also be raffling off some copies.    

3. Database Design for ColdFusion Developers seminar in Florida Friday 12/1/00 or Sat 12/2/00
This event is organized by Kevin Langevin of the South Florida 
ColdFusion User Group and Adam Churvis of ACFUG.  

* Want to make your ColdFusion applications really fly? 

* Want to make them scale under the heaviest possible loads? 

* Want to make developing them faster and easier? 

Then come to the Database Design for ColdFusion Developers 

Even if you've been working with databases for years, the Database 
Design for ColdFusion Developers Seminar will show you critical tips 
and techniques you didn't know but need to, and you're guaranteed to 
learn new database engineering principles that will remove performance 
bottlenecks from your ColdFusion applications under heavy multi-user 

Remember: All databases perform well when it's only you and your 
friend hitting it; that same database might completely shut down after 
only four simultaneous users, and you won't know it until it's too 
late.  This seminar will teach you to engineer away from the 
"invisible death  traps" inherent in most database designs, and ensure 
that your database will scale when the masses come to your site.

And you'll learn how to write your ColdFusion applications to take 
every possible advantage of your well-engineered databases.  You 
really should come to this seminar!

The short facts

Adam Churvis of Productivity Enhancement
(Publishers of the CommerceBlocks line of modular ColdFusion 
development tools)

Warm, sunny Boca Raton, Florida (just a couple miles North of Ft. 

Airfare is really cheap on Expedia.com.  I booked my flight on Delta 
round trip for only $147.00!

Friday, December 1, 2000, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
                - OR -
Saturday, December 2, 2000, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(These are two separate one-day seminars)


Course Materials:

Only $129!

Complete details, itinerary, travel links, and online registration are 
at http://www.ColdFusionSeminar.com.  We look forward to seeing you 
down in sunny South Florida!

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