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March News:
	[next MDCFUG meeting is 4/9/02]

1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
2. Denver Macromedia Technology Conference 

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1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
The listserve for all members to share CF questions and answers. To 
join go to 

Once you have joined you will be able to post questions to the list. 

2. Denver Macromedia Technology Conference 
The Denver Macromedia Technology Conference conference will be held 
March 14th - 15th, 2002 in Denver, Colorado.

Sponsored and organized by GT Alliance

As you may have already heard today; Macromedia announced the release 
of Flash MX and ColdFusion MX.  We are now able to tell everyone that 
Flash MX will be covered extensively during the Colorado Macromedia 
Technology Conference(CMTC).  There will be many seminars during the 
conference that will feature detailed information about this new 
version of Flash.

The CMTC is the first regional event in the nation to offer detailed
information about this new product.

Allen Ellison of Macromedia will be presenting several seminars about 
Flash MX and all the new features including:

.Flash MX for Designers
.Flash MX for Developers

The CMTC is a 2-day conference covering ColdFusion, Flash and Emerging
Technologies. The conference features 90 minute seminars by industry 
experts in Internet design and development.  Check the website for 
full details.

Space is limited and registration is only $250, so register online or 
by phone today.

For more information about Flash MX and ColdFusion MX check the links 




Join us for the Colorado Macromedia Technology Conference.  Taking 
place March 14 & 15, 2002 in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado 
Convention Center.  
Covering Flash, ColdFusion, Java and Emerging Technologies, this 
conference will help any IT professional refine and increase their 
knowledge and skills.

This will be an intesive 2 days of 90 minute seminars on indepth 
information on many advanced topics. If you want to know about the 
future of ColdFusion, JRun or Flash you cannot afford to miss this 
Participants will take part in four tracks including:
    .Web Design
    .Application  Architecture
    .Application Development
    .Emerging Technologies  
Hot topics such as Neo, The Future of JRun, ColdFusion & Flash 
Integration, The Future of Flash, XML, Enterprise Web Services, .Net 
Integration, UML, and Agile Programming will be covered. 

Featured Speakers from the Macromedia Technology Team

    .Edwin Smith- The inspiration behind ColdFusion Neo
    .Tim Buntel-  The ColdFusion Neo product manager
    .Tom Reilly-  The lead JRun architect.  
    .Ben Forta-     The ColdFusion Product Evangelist 
Featured Designers
   .Eric Jordon - Ceo and Chief Designer of award winning 2 Advanced 
   .Mike Cina and Mike Young-  We Work For Them 

Also speaking are industry professionals such as Jim Foley(Electric 
Rain), Doug Nottage(Autobytel), author of Programming ColdFusion Rob 
Brooks-Bilson, Emily Kim (GT Alliance), Gary Rosenzweig(Clever Media) 
and Macromedia's Allen Ellison, Raymond Camden, and Mike Nimer. For a 
full list of speakers please check the website. 

Conference registration includes  2 days of seminars, a reception and 
various product raffles.  Registration is now available on-line at
www.coloradotechcon.com, by calling 970.224.1335 or by e-mailing 
[email protected]  

Sponsored by: 

GT Alliance(www.gtalliance.com)
GT Alliance is a Macromedia Premier Sales, Training and Consulting 
Our New Winter/Spring 2002 Training Course Schedule is now available! 
Visit us online at www.gtalliance.com/training.cfm for course 
information and to 
Electric Rain (www.erain.com)
Check out Electric Rain's industry-leading, Swift 3D v2 standalone 
app, Swift 3D plug-ins for 3ds max and Lightwave, 3D-to-vector 
solutions for Macromedia Flash, (SWF), (EPS), (AI), and (SVG).
Breckenridge Communications (www.breckcomm.com)
Breckenridge Communications empowers companies by helping them extend 
their business model around Internet markets and technologies.
Macromedia (www.macromedia.com),
Granularity Information Architecture (www.granularity..com),  
TeraTech ( www.teratech.com )