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December News:
    [next MDCFUG meeting is 1/9/01]

1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
2. How to Avoid Bad HTML

- Michael Smith, TeraTech http://www.cfconf.org/
                               MDCFUG http://www.cfug-md.org/
1. MDCFUG-L list open for questions
There are 235 CFers are on the new MDCFUG list! The
listserve for all members to share CF questions and answers. To 
join go to 

Once you have joined you will be able to post questions to the list. 

2. How to Avoid Bad HTML
   Here are some things to avoid in your web pages. 

    - Browser specific HTML 
    - Too many animated GIFs. 
    - Complex backgrounds with hard to read text. 
    - Images without ALT text.
    - Images without height and width tags load slowly.
    - All images should always have a text version.
    - Keep images small
    - No under construction! 
    - Frames - just say no. Use CF and tables instead in most cases. 
    - Links with no description - tell your users what to expect when they click. 
    - All fluff, no content. Content and functionality are more important than appearance.

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