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Maryland ColdFusion Lunch

Thank you to all of those who came out to the first Maryland ColdFusion Lunch! Because it was such a success, TeraTech will sponsor another one on Monday, April 28th, at 1:30.  It will be held at Cosi, located at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue.  To get there, get off the Farragut West Metro stop and walk south on 17th street about four blocks; it will be on your right (*note: don’t be fooled by the Potbelly’s.  Keep walking South on 17th past that and you’ll be there).

For those not familiar, Maryland ColdFusion Lunch is an opportunity for people to meet up in an informal environment to network with other ColdFusion users.  TeraTech holds monthly meetings at our offices in Rockville every second Tuesday, but this is an effort to accommodate those who cannot make it that far on a Tuesday evenings.  As with our monthly meetings, these will be free (except for the cost of your own lunch).

If you are interested in having a lunch, but are not close to the location we chose this time, please let us know, and we'll work with you to get a lunch set up near where you work.  All questions, comments, concerns and suggestions should likewise be directed to Matt Weiss, [email protected].  Hope to see you all there!


We want to improve MDCFUG by making more social events. In addition to the user group meetings held at TeraTech every second Tuesday of the month, we want to accommodate people who cannot make it to Rockville due to where they live, or are simply too tired to do so in the evenings.  TeraTech will begin hosting informal lunches during the work week, just as a way to relax and network with other people in the field.

The first of these ColdFusion lunches will be held at the Cosi at 17th and Pennsylvania in NW Washington, DC (about three blocks south of the Farragut West Metro stop on the Blue/Orange line) at 1:30 pm on Monday, March 31st.  The only cost is that of your own respective lunch, and it is a great chance to talk shop with like-minded folks.  Would you like a ColdFusion Lunch closer to you?  Let me know where you work and we can work something out.  Contact Matt (Matt (at) TeraTech.com) for all inquiries and comments. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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