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URL for June's meeting

The URL for the June meeting is:
We will begin at 6:30 PM EDT.

"Exception handling", with David Lakein
"Scorpio: A preview of the next major release of ColdFusion" (ColdFusion 8) with Adam Lehman

Weekly podcast

I put in the MDCFUG announcement email that TeraTech provides free podcasts to the CF community but didn't give the URL. Here it is http://www.cfunited.com/blog/index.cfm/podcast

These are sessions from CFUNITED-06. Enjoy!

Scorpio on the Rise!

Many of you may already know that Scorpio is the code name for Adobe's next major release of ColdFusion. If you attended CFUnited 2006 or Adobe Max 2006 you may have seen some of the previews.

Well, Adobe has published their Scorpio page on Adobe Labs. No you can not download it just yet ... BUT you can download a cool desktop wallpaper. It's a red background with a Scorpio and the number eight merged as one. I can't wait until they release the t-shirt - and what about a Scorpio 8 tattoo?

You'll see more and more about this release in the coming months. 2006 is the year of Flex 2. Could 2007 be the year of Scorpio?

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