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How to Filter Email

Q: I am getting overwelmed by all the emails on various CF lists I subscribe to. What can I do?
A: Why don't you filter these emails into a separate folder to read at your convenience?
I get over 300 messages a day from 5 different mailing lists. I go through them quickly in bulk every two or three days. They certainly don't ever go in my INBOX.

How to filter their mailing list emails into a folder:

For Netscape:

Go to the Edit menu, Message Filters, New. Then select the list email by the subject line or the To field and have Netscape move them into a special list folder.

For Outlook:

"I use Outlook Express and there is a very easy way to filter. Just go to message rules under the "Tools" menu bar. Click on mail. Under "mail rules," click on "New". It will give you instructions to filter your mail.

Basically, if you set it to put all mail where the "TO" line is for the new group ([email protected]) and create a special folder (perhaps called "MDCFUG") to put these messages in, you will find that all your mail goes straight to this folder, to be read at your convenience.

For Eudora:

To filter your mailing list email in Eudora, view a sample message that came in from the mailing list and select (Special->Make Filter). The filter dialog box will pop up. Choose to filter messages with the shown "Recipient" and type in a mailbox name to put these messages in.

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