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CFMail Retry

I am using <cfmail> in my cfm template. one of the message never got sent to the address specified (just for the record, the "TO" and "FROM" email addresses are correct). What happened? Is it because the SMTP server were down? and if this problem occurs, does the mail server keep the log file (or where is the mail content goes)?

I try to put cftry and cfcatch around the cfmail tag with type equal "ANY" in cfcatch. But I am not sure this will work. Please give me your 2 cents.

    <cfmail TO="#EmailTo#" 
                CONTENT GOES HERE........... 
    <cfcatch type="any"> .....additional codes..... </cfcatch> 

The error is not in your ColdFusion code - but in the ColdFusion email process. When it can't send an email (either due to the SMTP server being down or bad syntax in the TO address of the email) it dumps the email file in the \CFUSION\MAIL\UNDELIVR\ directory and writes to the email error log in \CFUSION\LOG\mail.log

You can try moving the undelivered files to the spool dir \CFUSION\MAIL\SPOOL by hand. Or better yet check out 'CF_ResendUndeliverableEmail" on Allaire's custom tags page: http://devex.allaire.com/developer/gallery/SearchResults.cfm?keywords=Undeliverable.

You may also want to buy the custom tag, cfx_mail, from fuseware instead of using CFMAIL. This tag replaces the troubled cfmail tag. http://www.fuseware.com/products/

In my opinion this tag is superior to cfmail with more reliable delivery and more features.

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