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How to Avoid Bad HTML

Here are some things to avoid in your web pages.
  • Browser specific HTML - if you must put up Flash 5 or other cutting edge sites provide a link to a back wards compatible version!
  • Too many animated GIFs. Zero or One is enough. Think about stopping the looping after say 10 invitations too so we can calm down.
  • Complex backgrounds with hard to read text. Especially avoid dark backgrounds or all black as this is hard to read and harder to print right.
  • Images without ALT text. Use ALT for people with slow internet connections and for mouse over text.
  • Images without height and width tags load slowly. There is a CFX tag to do this automatically.
  • All images. Even if you have fancy graphics on the whole screen always have a text version of the info too. Keep images small. If you must have a big one slice it up so it appears to download faster.
  • No under construction! If it isn't done don't put it up or link it.
  • Frames - just say no. Use CF and tables instead in most cases.
  • Links with no description - say to your users what to expect when they will click.
  • All fluff, no content. Content and functionality are more important than appearance.

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